Are you peanut free or do you have peanut free options?

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We cannot guarantee our products are peanut or tree nut free. We do have products that do not contain peanuts or tree nuts, however all of our products are made and packaged in the same facility which can lead to cross contamination.

Do you have dairy free options?

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Any of our products that are solid 54% dark chocolate or higher would not contain dairy. However, all of our products are made and packaged in the same facility which can lead to cross contamination.

Are you gluten free or do you have gluten free options?

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Although our chocolate does not contain gluten, we do have products that are made with ingredients that contain gluten. Examples of these would be: biscotti, cookie or biscuit pieces and some of our caramel fills. We cannot guarantee that any of our products are gluten free as all of our products are made and packaged in the same facility which can lead to cross contamination.

Do you have sugar free or low sugar options?

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While we do not carry sugar free products, we do offer low sugar options using the sugar substitute - maltitol, a wheat based sweetener. Products that have a lower sugar content will be promptly labelled with the ingredients and nutrition information listed on the back of the product.

How much caffeine is in your chocolate?

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In the production process of making chocolate, two substances are made - the cocoa butter and the cocoa mass. Caffeine is found in the cocoa mass, therefore the darker a chocolate is, the higher the caffeine content. Don’t worry if you are sensitive to caffeine though, milk chocolate has about the same amount of caffeine as a cup of decaf coffee.

Is your chocolate fair trade?

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While our chocolate isn’t certified as fair trade, the chocolate we use is a part of a sustainable initiative called "Cocoa Horizons" which supports cocoa farmers by helping with education, child protection, women’s empowerment and healthcare.

For more information please visit https://www.callebaut.com/en-CA/sustainable

What is the shelf life of your chocolate and how should it be stored?

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All of our products have varying shelf lives depending on the ingredients. Our products will have an expiry date promptly printed on the label.

Our chocolate is all natural with no additives or preservatives - we take the time to properly temper our chocolate which makes it shelf stable without having to use additives or preservatives.

Our boxed chocolates have the shortest shelf life at 6 months. Our chocolate bars have an shelf life of 1-2 years, depending on the ingredients.

We recommend storing our chocolate between 17-19 degrees and at less than 50% humidity. We suggest that you do not keep them near perfumes or fragrances as chocolate can absorb the odour. Do not keep them in the fridge as this can cause them to distemper. This is when chocolate has a white discolouration. It is still safe to eat, it's just the reaction that occurs when the fat of the cocoa butter migrates through the chocolate and crystallizes on the surface due to a temperature change.

What makes Newfoundland Chocolate different?

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First, when asked to describe our chocolates, a lot of people use the word pure.

When we started making chocolate out of our home, we used nothing but simple and wholesome ingredients; authentic Belgian chocolate, fresh local berries, and roasted nuts. No preservatives, no artificial flavours. Just honestly, delicious chocolate.

Second, we love making our chocolates by hand, the old fashion way, It’s our passion and we think it shows. It gives every chocolate a hand crafted uniqueness and it’s why the chocolates in your box may look a little different from those on the map. We think of them as delicious little pieces of art that are (almost) too pretty to eat...we hope you agree!

Finally, Newfoundland chocolates tell a story. A story of our passion for making delicious chocolates and also a story of home and family. Each box is a celebration of the place we love more than any other - the island of Newfoundland. It’s beautiful lands, it’s pure waters, it’s honest and hardworking people. The love and the passion we pour into the chocolates we make is our tribute to the place we are so proudly named after.

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